The World of Medical Aesthetics

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The term medical aesthetics is mentioned frequently in the aesthetics world, but what exactly does it mean? Before talking about what medical aesthetics is, it’s important to understand what an esthetician is and what they do.

An esthetician is a trained professional whom is licensed to treat skin topically and cosmetically within the first five outer layers of the skin, known as the epidermis. An esthetician’s level of skin treatment stops where the blood flows – at the epidermis and right before the dermis. When it comes to the dermis layer of the skin and beyond, the skin has to be treated by a properly trained medical professional.

Estheticians – both spa estheticians and estheticians that work in medical aesthetics – perform a variety of treatments within the epidermis including facials, facial massages, various hair removal techniques, body wraps and makeup applications. The differences between a spa esthetician and an esthetician working in medical aesthetics are the type of training they’ve received, the types of treatments they perform and the environment they work in. Both types of estheticians are focused primarily on improving a patient’s looks from a cosmetic point of view. A spa esthetician is focused more on pampering a client during their treatment whereas an esthetician working in medical aesthetics is more focused on helping to improve the skin’s appearance and helping people whose skin has been affected by disease, trauma or a pre op or post op medical procedure with treatments that provide noticeable results in a short amount of time.

Estheticians are not doctors, dermatologist, surgeons or physicians. They cannot legally prescribe medication, give medical advice or perform any sort of medical treatments.

What Is Medical Aesthetics?
Medical Aesthetics is considered to be a specialized form of advanced clinical skincare and weight loss management that gives clients/patients the choice in how they manage their various skin and weight conditions without the use of medications, surgery, laser treatments or injections.

Who Works in Medical Aesthetics?
Estheticians who work in medical aesthetics are skincare specialists who perform noninvasive or minimally invasive beauty/skincare treatments that don’t require surgery or lasers. These estheticians may have a healthy profession background, such as nursing. Estheticians working in medical aesthetics typically work in a medical setting such as a plastic surgeon’s office, dermatologist office, a medical spa, in a hospital, clinic or laser center assisting medically trained professionals.

Types Of Treatments
Medical aesthetic patients/clients are looking to receive treatments that provide noticeable results in a short amount of time. These types of treatments may include microdermabrasion, chemical peels, facials, body contouring and camouflage makeup application. Depending on the type of training the esthetician has and the state the esthetician performs their work in, estheticians who work in medical aesthetics might also perform radio frequency skin rejuvenation to reduce sun damage, age spot and skin imperfections among other cosmetic laser treatments such as laser vein removal, laser tattoo removal, laser acne scar removal and/or laser hair removal.

If you would like to investigate the numerous medical aesthetics procedures that we have available, call and schedule a consultation.  Our style of consultation is relaxed and educational.  Our goal is to address your concerns in the order of your priorities and give you all of the information you need to make an informed decision.  This will help you choose the right treatment or combination of treatments to achieve the result you desire within the budget you have to invest to make your dreams come true.


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