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I-Lipo is not just a Girl Thing, Guys can receive this amazing treatment too!

male-fat-loss-ctWintertime is not only summer prep time for the girls! Men are just as guilty of overeating at all those football parties, and still fighting off weight from the holidays. The worst part is that endless hours at the gym and eating right sometimes still do not get all of the fat off. Enter i-Lipo; the perfect solution for the stubborn fat that just isn’t going away with exercise and a healthy diet.

I-Lipo is a noninvasive procedure that is an excellent, quick way to burn fat before its time to bare skin during summer days. Not only does it leave no scars, it is one of the cheapest procedures on the market right now for burning fat. Cold laser technology, used by i-Lipo, freezes the fat cells, forcing them to break apart. Best news? By putting your time in at the gym and maintaining a healthy diet, you can keep the fat off that was removed during the procedure.

I-Lipo is mostly recommended for fat on the belly, legs and thighs, which are problem areas for all body types. Men especially find i-Lipo effective for stubborn neck fat that impossible to remove at the gym and, of course, burning those last few sections of fat around the belly area so they can finally see their six-pack.

Call our office today to schedule your i-Lipo consultation. You will not regret doing that one last thing to get your body in shape for warmer weather. Men need to look good, too, and both genders have issues with areas of fat that will just not go away no matter how determined you are.


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